Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Is education being commercialized?

Education is one of the main factors that determine our attitude. It is the pure soul of society which passes through one generation to another. But education of the mind without morals creates a menace to society.

What is the difference between a person who can not read and a person who does not read? Not much. Education is like eating food. It is not how much you eat that matters, what counts is how much you digest. Actually, we are drowning in information but starving for knowledge and wisdom. Education ought to teach us not only how to make a living but also how to live.

In the other hand, school or coaching centers are the fountain of knowledge. Some students come to drink, some to sip and others just to gargle. What we need is the teacher who will put the students on a path to seek answers.

A teacher is a person whose hindsight can become your foresight. We should choose our teacher carefully. A good one will guide us and a bad one will misguide us. Let me give you an example. There is a story about a king on ancient times who wanted to honour a person that made the greatest contribution to the society. All kinds of people came, including doctors, engineers etc. and they all presented their noble deeds for receiving the honour. The king din’t get impressed. Finally an elderly person came and said he was a teacher. The king came down and gave him the honour. So, it’s the teacher who makes the highest contribution in shaping the future of society.

But today’s coaching centers are not the same. If anybody doesn’t get the job, he opens a coaching center. This is a profession which anybody can choose. It doesn’t matter that he knows the ABCD of that subject or not. We can find a coaching center in almost every home. This shows that the education is being commercialized.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Indian Tradition

Indian tradition is based on values and out of 100 crore people hardly anyone knows the real meaning of values. They all feel proud when they hear or read sentences like “Indian tradition is the best tradition in the world” But when it comes to serving the country, they all engross in their own work. People pose to be patriotic but they have their own axe to grind.

According to Albert Einstein “Try not to be a man of success but rather try to be the man of values.”

What are values? Values consist of responsibility, integrity, commitment and patriotism. This is the base of Indian culture. Most of the persons say that they are good because they don’t cheat, they don’t lie, they don’t steal etc. but that doesn’t make them good. Remember a person becomes good when he actually does good rather than not doing wrong.

Let’s talk about today’s generation. A survey of high school principals was happened in 1964 and asked this question – What are the main problem among your students? The answer was

  • Not doing homework
  • Not respecting property
  • Throwing papers in class
  • Running through the halls

The same survey questioned in 2004. The answers were pretty shocking

  • Abortion
  • AIDS
  • Rape
  • Drugs
  • Murder
  • Guns in school
  • Alcohol

But nobody ever tried to understand why our generation following the western culture. If we don’t learn values from our teachers and parents, then from where do we learn? And when they don’t teach us values, we pick them up by default from T.V and other undesirable sources. No wonder society gets messed up. A teacher who doesn’t teach values, doesn’t deserve to be teaching our kids.

Before we point our fingers at the younger generation, let’s evaluate who is to be blamed. We should remember that values and virtues are not hereditary, they are learnt. We need to get our priorities right.

We know that western culture is spoiling the peace and amity of our country. Our younger generation are being swayed away by this. So, before our country turn into hell we should teach values to our kids, to make our country “Bird of gold”

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Indian Tourism - an outlook

Indian Tourism as an industry, is flourishing at global level, yet in our homes we do not have time to entertain our guest with the warmth and true hospitality. Guests are no longer gods as they were thought to be. The life style has totally been changed. In today’s fast moving world, where people are engaged in their daily routine, no one has time to entertain guests. They are treated as per their financial status. Therefore there is a need felt for prompting travel tourism.

There is cut threat competition in air lines and other package tours providing by many travel agencies. They offer lucrative facilities to the passengers and thus provide the best to the persons. There drastic reduction in the tourism package has encouraged the public to enjoy their holidays. Tourism industry in fact has proved a boon for a country as it is a good exposure to the children. Apart from this it gives an opportunity to know our cultural heritage and upkeep of our national monuments.

This mushrooming tourism industry has also given employment to the unemployed people of the state. Even travel tourism subjects have been introduced as an independent career. It provides an attractive and lucrative career.

But there is a strong need of revolution in this industry. India has got everything, be it beautiful monuments or gardens, but these monuments are going waste. Corruption has trapped the whole industry and because of that the development of the monuments has almost been stopped. The income generated with the monuments is being consumed by the ministers. To make the full use of this industry, there is a need to make a new system which should not be thrown in the hands of corrupt ministers. A new department should be made which can take the important decisions. Like various cultural shows can be organized which will depict the ancient glory of India. A few more ancient monuments should be chosen for light and sound shows. A lot more can be done in order to improve this industry. But what we need is a proper system. Let’s hope that Indian government will take some appropriate decisions to improve the picture of this tourism industry.

Developing India

It is generally said that 19th century belonged to Europe and 20th century to the USA. But the 21st century is certainly ours. This vision can be achieved only by young generation of India. It is well known that India is a home of a significant proportion of youths of the world are eyeing India as a source of technical manpower. They are looking at our boys and girls as a source of talent at low cost. Of India youth make up their mind and work in close unity, they can foil the plans of Imperialism.

But unfortunately no one is bothered to dream any such vision.

To climb high one has to think of climbing the Everest. One may not go higher than 10000 feet but even that will not be attained if you have no better dreams of going up.

In recent years the world has come to look at India with renewed respect, recognizing a strong and prosperous global power. It is also a future when the fobled richness of India will begin to show its full radiance bringing much success to the troubled spirit of modern India.

One thing is clear – the core strength of India lies in its natural human resource and youth power. India can emerge successful if Indians settle their superficial differences and think and act as an Indian. Then our population will be our asset rather than being our liability.

So, Is it a dream? Yes. Is it an impossible dream? No, its not. This can be done by youth of India. And some of the youth makes their dream come true like Kalpana Chawla. No matter she lost her life in the process.

India can become a developed nation only if everyone contributes to the best of his or her capacity and ability. Then only we can earn the reputation of being the most competitive nation. We should fully utilize our talent and then India will become a complete nation.

Let us Hope for the same….